How We Help

StiehlWorks provides consulting support for management and marketing issues including:

Voice of the Customer Studies - Do you truly understand your customers and what motivates them to pay for your products and services? Lorraine and Chris Stiehl can help you listen to your customers and design products and services for them through House of Quality techniques and other strategic planning techniques.

Fundraising and Development - We have worked for several clients in writing and implementing fundraising and marketing plans, often with global reach.

Product Development and the House of Quality - StiehlWorks often leads clients through a process of listening to customers and developing internal predictive metrics in order to build a House of Quality, deriving design criteria that will delight customers and donors while saving money.

Assessing Market Options - We often help organizations define the targets for their efforts and fundraising by defining their markets. The #1 reason for product failures is "lack of understanding of the marketplace," applying to both non-profit organizations and businesses. We help define options and strategies for success, as defined by customer or donor input.