Videos and Podcasts

CIRM Google Hangout on Diabetes

CIRM recently hosted a Google+ Hangout event with scientists from ViaCyte, an endocrinologist on CIRM's board and Chris Stiehl, a stem cell and diabetes advocate. The Hangout can be viewed on CIRM's webpage here:

Voice of the Customer and Business Metrics - Part 1

Chris Stiehl illustrates Voice of the Customer techniques by interviewing his audience. 

Chris Stiehl, author of Pain Killer Marketing, discusses the Voice of the Customer and its relationship to Predictive Business Metrics using everyday examples of the audience.

CIRM Video on Diabetes Advocacy

Chris speaks out on a CIRM video talking about living with diabetes and the hope for a cure through stem cell research and JDRF's and CIRM's funding of Viacyte.